Egyptian ORC
EORC members

Launched in Januray 2010, the rarities committee now comprises 10 voting members.

Current EORC members are: 

  • Sherif Baha El Din (chairman)
  • Mohamed Habib
  • Andrea Corso
  • Pierre André Crochet (vice chairman)
  • Arnoud van den Berg
  • Richard Hoath
  • Manuel Schweizer
  • Ahmed Waheed
  • Frédéric Jiguet (joint secretary)
  • Lukasz Lawicki (secretary)

In addition, the EORC is completed by external advisors: Istvan Moldovan, Ahmed Riad and Mary Megalli.

 Below are proposed short bios of EORC members.

WED ABDOU (2012-2018) Web Abdou is the one of the foremost and most active field ornithologists in Egypt. He is also the leading bird ringer.  He is a former Protected Area ranger and is currently based at the Cairo headquarters of the Nature Conservation Sector EEAA, the government body responsible for Protected Area and biodiversity conservation. He is their leading expert in birds, head of their Bird Research Department and national ringing scheme. He is contact in with all the rangers around the country involved with birds.  He collects records, organises surveys, ringing, etc. He was part of the Project Management team at the EEAA, the technical adviser, for the BirdLife UNDP GEF Soaring Bird Project. Wed spends a lot of time in the field. Wed has travelled the most extensively abroad for training, workshops, meetings.

SHERIF BAHA EL DIN (2010-...), PhD in Ecology from Nottingham University, with over 25 years of professional experience in management and consultancy in environment and natural resources studies, has authored, co-authored and illustrated seven books on natural history and ecology. As a result of his extensive field work, he is recognized worldwide as a leader in Egyptian ornithology and herpetology. 

RICHARD BONSER (2010-2018) is a UK ornithologist with extensive experience in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. He currently serves on two British county rarity committees (Kent, London) and has served on the council of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East (OSME). He has visited and birded intensively in Egypt several times in the past few years, as well as annually visiting other areas of the Middle East and North Africa. He has a keen interest in bird migration, vagrancy and bird identification within the Western Palearctic.

ANDREA CORSO (2012-...) Birder since 6 years old, having started with his father, Andrea is now a full time birder mainly focused on WP and Asia. He visit N Africa and Middle East at least 4 times per year. He wrote about 300 papers on zoology, mostly on birds identification, taxonomy, migration etc. but also on odonata, malacology, entomology and herpetology. He wrote the book on birds of Sicily Avifauna di Sicilia and he is working on a field guide called "ID Keys for difficult WP Birds". Since ever a raptor fanatic, has been doing field reaserches on raptor migration for BirdLife at the Strait of Messina, Pantelleria and as a freelance at the major WP migration flyway. Top lister in Italy with 415 species seen in the country. He simply loves life and nature.

PIERRE-ANDRE CROCHET (2010...-) currently works as a scientist for the French CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), specializing in evolutionary biology, systematics and the study of biodiversity. He’s been a keen birder for more than 20 years now, with extensive field experience of European, North African and Middle Eastern species. As a birder, he’s especially interested in identification, vagrancy and the Western Palearctic bird list. He’s co-chairman of the Taxonomic Advisory Committee of the Association of European Records and Rarities Committees (AERC-TAC) and a member of the French Avifaunistic Committee (CAF).

ANDREW GRIEVE (2010-2018) worked with the RSPB for 34 years as Site Manager of three nature reserves in the Humber Estuary. Since 1985, he has made over 20 visits to Egypt, on research projects such as a 3-year survey of Corncrakes along the entire Egyptian Mediterranean coast, surveying migrating waterbirds at Zaranik in North Sinai, raptor counts in the Gulf of Suez and Sinai, and breeding birds surveys on Red Sea islands. He has also done birding work in the Gulf states.

TOMAS HARALDSSON (2010-2011). Born 1980 in Sweden and now living in Stockholm, Tomas has been a birder since the age of 8. He spent several periods at Ottenby Bird Observatory on Oland Island, and is currently a student in the Middle Eastern Department of Stockholm University. As a professional birding tour guide, he spent a total of two years in Egypt 2002-2006 leading groups of expert Swedish birders in Egypt and the Middle East. He has published several articles on birding  in the Middle East.

RICHARD HOATH, (2010-...) a Cambridge BA and MA graduate in Geography, is an artist, writer, and all-round naturalist who shares is observations of Egyptian and African fauna and flora in “Nature Notes,” a regular feature of the monthly magazine Egypt Today, published since 1989. While teaching writing skills at the American University in Cairo, he has pursued his broad interests with trips and naturalist observations all over Egypt and some African countries. Author of "Natural Selections" (1992) and "A Field Guide to the Mammals of Egypt" (2003), he has been Egypt correspondent for BBC Wildlife Magazine since 1990.

FREDERIC JIGUET (Chairman 2010-2011, Secretary 2012-...) is Professor at the Museum of Natural History in Paris, and Deputy Director of the French ringing center (CRBPO). Currently Chairman of the French Rarities Committee, he works on the national breeding survey of France and Europe and develops rare species conservation tools, estimate potential impacts of global change on bird ranges, and develop biodiversity scenarios. He supervises PhD and post-doctoral research and is author or co-author of over 200 scientific publications.

LUKASZ LAWICKI (Secretary 2018-...) is an active member of the West-Pomeranian Nature Society, Poland. He was the census co-ordinator for Natura 2000 areas and is a member of the bird monitoring team of Poland. His main interests are census methods, changes in the distribution and range of bird populations and identification and occurrence of rare birds in the Western Palearctic. Member of editoral board of Dutch Birding, member of advisory board of Ornis Polonica, editor-in-chief of Birds of Pomerania. He is author or co-author of over 100 publications. His favorite birding areas include Northern Africa and the Middle East.

MANUEL SCHWEIZER (2012-...) is currently working as assistant curator at the Natural History Museum of Bern, Switzerland. He is mainly interested in phylogenetics, systematics, macroevolution and biogeography of birds and did his PhD on the evolutionary diversification and biogeography of parrots. He has been a keen birdwatcher for more than 20 years and has extensive field experience in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central as well as South Asia. He is co-author of the field guide to the birds of Central Asia published by Helm/A&C Black. He has been a member of the Swiss Rarities Committee for 10 years and has guided birdwatching trips in 12 different countries.

AHMED WAHEED (2018-...) is an Egyptian Air Traffic Controller, Ornithologist and nature photographer. He is based in North Sinai, Egypt.

MOHAMED HABIB (2019-...). Mohamed Ibrahim Habib earned a Pre-Master Degree on Environment Science at Ein Shams University and a Diploma in Marine Biology Suez Canal University and during this time I developed a particular interest in seabird behaviour and conservation. Furthering this interest, I have undertaken numerous field trips, at my own expense, to document the distribution of nesting Seabirds in Egypt. Recently i became the manager of the Red Sea Islands Breeding Birds Project (GEF Small Grant), I have undertaken these roles while working fulltime in commercial business based in Hurghada. As I was a manger of breeding Red Sea birds, I was able to survey most of the Seabirds and shore birds breeding sited. My aim was not only to map nesting locations and describe matting and nesting behaviour, but also to document threats.

ARNOUD VAN DEN BERG (2019-...). Arnoud is chief editor and founder of Dutch Birding magazine, and one of the three core members of the ground-breaking Sound Approach team. Although perhaps best known for his skills as a top-notch bird photographer, Arnoud is an outstanding field birder and a prolific author. He has also been recording bird sounds since the days when this involved lugging a tape recorder the size of a microwave oven around the world with him.


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